Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long can I expect for my SMP (Scotia Metal Products) roof to last?

A steel roof is a permanent roofing system, with little maintenance, and with proper installation will last as long as your home.

2. Is it noisy when it rains?

No. The steel panel forming process provides not only strength, but also reduces any potential noise transfer when coupled with high density standard attic insulation.

3. Will it make our home hot in the summer or cold in the winter?

No. Unlike concrete tile or asphalt shingle, which store and transfer heat, metal absorbs and dissipates heat quickly. Airflow under the roof helps prevent the transfer of cold air and reduces freeze thaw cycles in the winter. Results include lower air conditioning and heating costs for your home. 

4. What about fire?

Steel is non-combustible. It is light weight and will resist premature roof collapse from an internal fire.

5. Will moss, leaves, dirt and debris damage or leave impressions on my SMP roof?

No. SMP roof’s smooth surface allows moss, leaves, dirt, and debris to wash off the roof naturally when it rains. 

6. What can I expect of my SMP roof during high winds?

SMP roof systems are tested and will meet or exceed hurricane specifications, with continuous panel from eave to ridge, there are no tabs for the wind to lift. 

7. Should I be worried about rust?

No. The heavily layered, AZ 50 Galvalume base substrate with factory applied primer and colored paint coatings will not rust. 

8. Will hail damage my SMP roof?

Excessively large hail can damage almost anything, but SMP roof has a UL 2218 Class 4-hail resistance rating, the highest rating available.  

9. Is it safe to walk on my future Roof?

While it is safe to walk on, in accordance to manufacturers' instructions, the low-maintenance SMP roof almost eliminates that need. With SMP roof, it is no longer necessary to replace trim and shingles that have blown off or to patch leaks in badly worn areas.